Free Betting Tournament: Win a free Xbox by playing in the Baba battle
Win an Xbox

Try the new way of betting

Completely free, all sports and leagues, in a tournament format and with cool prizes to win: from gaming consoles to signed sports memorabilia.

Bet Heroes is official betting partner of FC Bayern Basketball.

How do I play?


Join Bet Heroes for free and then join one or more battles (betting tournament) of your choice.


Each player starts with 1000 play money chips. Use them to bet on the outcome of current matches in the sport or league the battle is about.


Try to win as many bets and collect as many chips as possible.


When the battle ends, the players with the most chips win and share the prizes.


What can I win?

Current prizes


XBox Series S (worth 289 Euro)

in the Baba Battle

Amazon Gutschein

75 Euro Amazon gift card

in the Giggsen Battle


Tickets for a FC Bayern Basketball home game

in the FC Bayern Basketball Battle

Current winners from all battles



won 75 Euro in the "Giggsen Battle"



won an Xbox in the "Baba Battle"



destroyed 1 tonne of CO2 emissions in the "Football saves the World Battle"



won 500 Dogecoins in the "Dogecoin Battle"


What can I play?

German Bundesliga

English Premier League

Greek Super League

Spanish La Liga

Italian Serie A



and many more


What is Bet Heroes?

Bet Heroes is a community of sports fans and your place for free predictor games and play money sports betting. Whether you are looking for entertainment, winning prizes or improving your sports betting skills, we‘ve got you covered - 100% free of any charge.

Exciting + free games

Enjoy a variety of exciting, fun betting and predictor games in your favourite sports and favourite leagues. All played with fun money - no deposit nor entry fee.

All leagues, all teams

Always find a game for all European and internatational leagues and tournaments, from German Bundesliga to American NFL...

Win cool prizes

Compete against other members and win valuable prizes like gaming consoles and sports accessories.


What battles can I play right now?

Baba Battle

Xbox Baba Battle

Play in this bi-weekly tournament and win an Xbox.

FC Bayern Basketball

FC Bayern Basketball

The official FC Bayern Basketball Battle: Win tickets, jerseys & more.

Premier League Battle

Premier League Battle

The mightiest of leagues is looking for the 123rd champion of English soccer.

Esports Battle

Esports Battle Series

Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Dota2, ...


Frequently asked questions

Is Bet Heroes gambling?

No. Bet Heroes is a free-to-play game which uses sports betting mechanics. Unlike a gambling website, we do not offer a real money betting option and we do not advertise real money games. Bet Heroes is built on the belief that real betting needs no money.

How much does Bet Heroes cost?

Everything you see on is free.

Those are real sports events?

Yes. We use the same data providers as a real money sportsbook. The games are real, the odds are real and the results are real.

What are battles?

Battles are a new twist on the classic predictor game format - faster and more exciting. They are more or less tournaments where you bet on real sporting events. But no real money is wagered. Instead each player starts with 1000 play money chips and uses these chips for betting. The players who manage to win the most chips win the battle.

Who pays for the prizes in the battles?

In some battles you can win real prizes. These prizes are sponsored. From time to time we also host special promotions where you have to complete a task, such as visiting a social media profile, to win. Although it is marketing, we try to keep it as tasteful and unobtrusive as possible. No spam, no pop-up ads.

Do I need to know a lot to win?

No. You can be an absolute beginner and still win. Join one of the open sports betting battles, pick a match in a sport you like, perhaps involving your favourite team, and place your bet. Who do you think will win? Team A or Team B? It‘s that simple.

Can I still play if a battle has already started?

Yes. You can join an already running battle at any time. Starting late will not affect your chances of winning. In our experience, most players who have won a battle were actively playing for no more than three days, no matter how long the battle lasted. In theory, you can even win a battle when there is only one day left. It‘s not about time, it‘s about the bets you make.

Which sports can I bet on?

Pretty much all of them. Handball, tennis, basketball, American football, soccer (real football) from the Premier League to the Bundesliga to the third Albanian league, ...

Do you have Esports as well?

Yes. At the moment we support tournaments and leagues in Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Dota 2, Call of Duty, Rocket League, Rainbow Six and Starcraft 2. Also look out for special Esport promos where you can win skins and other in-game items.

Is that Kida Khodr Ramadan, the actor from 4 Blocks?

Yes, he is. Long story how this collaboration came about. He also made a video (Sorry, German audio only. Turn on captions to see the English transcript):